About Nko

We believe that art is the imitation of life’s most treasured secrets. Hence, a deep craving for paintings is inevitable in every single
human being. At Nko Art, we strive to satisfy this restless craving.

Our artists can manifest some stunning masterpieces that evoke thoughts and emotions. We also specialize in recreating paintings
from legends such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. Furthermore, if you ever wanted to transpose your ideas onto a canvas
but lacked the skills, will, or time, we can help by crafting your dream into reality.

All our artists guarantee their artwork to be 100% handmade. We know that the smell of fresh paint and the sensation
of the smooth canvas are treats to our souls; it would be a sin to do anything otherwise.

If you ever wanted to transcend to a happier life, art is the answer and we are the mediators.

Please contact us at email or Skype for more information. Feel free to discover more about us through our website.

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